Interesting Guidelines For Choosing Your Wedding Dress And Jewelry

Your wedding dress is the central focus; but some  accessories can add personality and elevate your look. There are always dizzying choices to make regarding the marriage veils, wedding jewelry, engagement rings and other pieces.

Before buying anything, read the following tips to help you accessorize your unique wedding dress

Always matching your dress with the wedding jewelry. As you may not realize, some jewelry complements certain clothing colors, and as a standard rule, gold is best when paired with ivory as it highlights the fabric’s creamy tint.

For platinum or silver accent jewelry, you can choose a purely white dress with pearl detailing. For a white dress, avoid gold accents as they may clash with the brighter white hues of the dress.

Pearls, rose gold, yellow gold or silver jewelry can be matched with a diamond-white gown, and they will give an off-white color that looks amazing. In case you want to choose an already bead-work embellished dress, let the embellishments dictate your accessory colors.

For instance, when you pick a gown with silver beading, you also need to pick earrings, bracelet or necklace with a silver base. 

Always remember to do less Jewelry. While accessories might add that distinctive touch to your look, too many can get you over the top if you already picked on an embellished gown.

You don’t need a sash, earrings, veil, necklace, and tiara. Before you can pick anything at your jewelry store, take a quick record of your gown’s standout features and then base your varieties around them. You can also pick from a variety of lovely loose diamonds to make the perfect jewelry.

If your gown has a beautiful neckline, pick a couple of drop earrings as an alternative to the necklace. For a simpler style dress, try a fascinator or bold statement necklace.

Regarding earrings, take a hint from your hairstyle. In case you want to leave your hair over and down your ears, small drops or studs will fit you perfectly.

For an up-do, you might think of something more intense, for example, a couple of chandelier danglers. It is a better idea to duck designs that narrowly stimulate your gown’s embellishments as you don’t have to look too matchy. 

From regal cathedral-length styles and flirty birdcages to gorgeous mantillas there’s no lack of options for iconic bridal veil accessories. You will want your veil to match your gown’s shade correctly.

Here, you cannot color block and also get mindful when picking the design. Just pick on simple veils that won’t steal the attention. 

Ultimately, perfect wedding gown pieces are your reflection, so if you’re not comfortable with big studs and chandelier earrings, go for what inspires you.

When you are pleased with your accessories, you’ll feel assertive, and that’s your best accessory of all.

Wedding Dresses Matching Your Wedding Jewelry

If you’re like most women, you’ve probably been thinking about your wedding day since you were eight. You know exactly how you want your dress to look like, down to the hem.

Your engagement ring is a treasure that you cherish. Your wedding jewelry is equally close to heart.

But you should know that while your dress will be the star of the day, the jewelry you choose can give your look that final touch you need to look perfect. 

Here are some things you might want to remember when choosing wedding jewelry that matches your perfect bridal dress

Make sure to match your metals. White comes in many shades. The wedding gown you choose could be anywhere along the white spectrum and where it is will determine what kind of jewelry goes best with it. You can also choose from a variety of loose diamonds to design the perfect jewelry.

For example, if your dress is more of an ivory color, then you want to go with gold jewelry to highlight the creamy tint of your dress. Gold will also properly complement a very light beige color really well.

If your dress is stark white, on the other hand, you want to stop by the silver or platinum section in the jewelry store.

Less is more when it comes to wedding jewelry. All the shiny silver and gold might look enticingly pretty, but you don’t want to go overboard when choosing wedding jewelry. You will be perfectly fine having two or three pieces to bring out the gorgeousness of your dress.

Besides, you’ll be better off enjoying the final days of your engagement instead of being bogged down with jewelry selection.

Think about your dress’s neckline. Your neckline plays a huge role in framing your face, and if you want to help it do a good job, you have to pick jewelry that agrees with it.

If you’re donning a gown that has a sweetheart or even a strapless neckline, then you want to go with a choker a shorter necklace. This will not only elongate your neck, but it will also draw people’s eyes to your beautiful smile.

If your dress has a V-neck you want to wear small earrings and a pendant necklace.

And lastly, if your dress has a halter or a reverse halter neckline, you want to leave your necklaces in your jewelry case altogether. This shoulder-bearing neckline works best when complemented with head accessories like headbands, vines, and pins instead of a necklace.

Enjoy yourself and don’t get overwhelmed. It’s easy to start feeling like you’re losing your mind when you have so many tiny details to perfect before your big day.

But remember that your wedding day is supposed to be a memorable time that you can look back at with fondness. It’s about you committing yourself to the person you love.

We often just complicate everything by worrying all too much about things like the right wedding dresses, the right jewelry, and all that extra stuff.

If picking the right jewelry is stressing you out too much, let your wedding planner or your bridesmaid worry about that for you. Don’t stress yourself.

Shopping for Your Bridal Gown

He just proposed, and you have started planning your long awaited wedding. Being the most special day in a bride’s life, you definitely want to look epic. The wedding gown you choose will be of absolute essence when it comes to your appearance since all eyes will be on you.

Due to the pressure of not wanting to disappoint, it may be quite daunting to pick the best wedding dress for yourself. However, with this guide on how to shop for your bridal gown, you should be confident that you will find the perfect wedding gown.

Wedding dresses come in different sizes, colors and designs, and it may be overwhelming to choose from this wide variety. However, knowing your body type and body size is the first step to getting your perfect wedding gown.

Buy a bridal gown that fits just right, even if you plan to lose some weight before the wedding. This way, it will be easier to adjust it rather than trying to fit into a smaller dress on the D-day.

You should choose a gown that accentuates your body type by showing off your physical strengths while toning down your flaws.

This prevents you from looking out of place at your own wedding. If you are looking to have a ballroom kind of wedding, then a princess dress will work perfect.

However, the princess look may look awkward at a beach wedding. You must also check with your church or temple if there are any restrictions in dressing, and work around that when shopping for your bridal gown.

The time of the day and the season in which the wedding will be held will also help in determination of your preferred dress code.

Purchasing a wedding dress is a very personal issue and as much as it is truly challenging, trusting your instincts will help a great deal. Whenever you visit the bridal store, it is obvious to see numerous bridal outfits that attract you.

Ruling them out one by one based on fabrics, color shades and silhouette design will finally get you the one that you love most. In this case, it helps if only one or two friends accompany you.

Having to hear too many opinions on what looks best on you will surely make it hard for you to make your final decision.

Different bridal stores offer different budgets on bridal gowns. It is of no use visiting a high-end store that sells extremely expensive bridal gowns, only to be disappointed after trying out your favorite outfit.

You can let the bridal shop attendant know the price range you are looking for so they can recommend the best bridal dress within your budget.

You should shop neither too early, nor too late. If you shop too early, you may grow out of the gown even before the wedding reaches. If you shop too late, you will not have enough time to try out different wedding outfits and find the perfect one.

It also helps to shop during off-peak hours such as early in the morning or late in the evening when the stores are less busy.

A wedding gown is definitely one of the most important outfits you will ever wear in your life. This means that it should be perfect and remain memorable.

To ensure you see how perfect you will look on your wedding day, consider trying your wedding gown with corresponding accessories, shoes, hairstyle and a little makeup.

As much as you should always trust your instincts, it is vital that you remain flexible and open-minded to suggestions and ideas from experts such as the designer or bridal store attendant.

With these tips on shopping for your bridal gown, be sure that the whole process will be hassle-free and you will end up with the perfect bridal dress.

Reasons Why Every Bride Should Have a Bridal Portrait In Your Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is a symbolic representation of one of the most important days of your life. For a lot of women, dreaming up their perfect wedding gown starts at a very young age, making it such an essential part of wedding preparation: the cut, the color, the fabrics, everything has to be perfect for you.

So why waste all that time going to bridal stores, looking for designs, and having all that time going back and forth to your fittings when you can’t be captured donning it in its full glory? The perfect answer? Have a bridal dress photography session.

Aside from your official wedding day photos, having a separate bridal portrait will ensure all those weeks and months searching for your beautiful dress is absolutely worth it. 

Here are some reasons why every bride must have a bridal portrait.

It gets you comfortable with your photographer. Getting comfortable with your photographer and vice versa is one of the keys to getting the best pictures on your wedding day. Why?

Because the bridal photography session will act as a practice session and test to find out your best angles, to practice your poses for the big day, and to be comfortable enough with your photographer to ask for requests.

It gives you a sneak peak into your overall look. So you’ve decided to wear your hair a certain way and to wear specific jewelry. The bridal portrait will allow you to actually take a good view at your overall bridal look, allowing you to edit your hair and make up, and accessories for the actual day.

It allows to get very creative. There’s no rule that states your wedding gown should only be worn at the venue. Get creative and have your pictures taken at a photography studio or even right on the beach.

Bridal portraits need not be always formal and serious, you can get as creative as you want and add fun to your pictures.

It captures the true essence of your beauty. Sure, you may have a few minutes to pose in your gown during the wedding day, but all the chaos and time constraints may not give you the proper avenue to really capture the true essence of how stunning you really look.

Having a bridal portrait will give you the right avenue to absolutely capture your genuine beauty since there is nothing else to think about but looking your absolute best.

There are many ways wedding photography immortalizes this major event in your life, but a bridal dress photography session will definitely capture your genuine joy and beauty, giving you memories that you and your family can look back to for generations to come.

The Perfect Pair: Matching Your Dress And Your Ring

An engagement proposal is an exciting moment in any woman’s life, but saying yes to Mr. Right is only the beginning. Planning a wedding can be a difficult task, after all you want your special day to be everything you ever dreamed of.

This process is riddled with difficult decisions from choosing your Maid of Honor to the color of the tablecloths, yet the toughest of all may be choosing the perfect dress for your once in a lifetime moment.

Wedding dresses come in a variety of different cuts and colors to suit every bride and every budget. With such a vast array of styles, browsing your local bridal store can be an overwhelming task.

When stuck between dresses, the answer might be right underneath your nose – resting on your ring finger, to be specific! Engagement rings can be an excellent source of inspiration when looking for ideas.

What better way to show off your beautiful ring than complementing it with a matching dress? There are two main elements of your ring that can help you find your bridal look, one of these being color and the other being design.

If you are still stuck, here are some examples of pairings suitable for your big day.

Rose gold bands are in this season with many soon-to-be brides opting for a pop of color instead of the traditional silver or gold. A blush or nude dress would pair beautifully with your precious metal, making the unique color of your ring really stand out.

If said ring is floral, perhaps incorporate some delicate tulle roses in your gown for that extra feminine touch. On the other hand, emerald cut diamonds will look best with simple vintage dresses with off-white lace draped in all the right places to match the elegance of your rock.

As for a princess cut, a gorgeous ball gown will not only give you an air of royalty walking down the aisle, but will really make you feel like the belle of the ball. Add a little extra sparkle on the bodice with a tiara to tie the look together and you’re ready for your fairy tale wedding.

These are just some suggestions and there are plenty of different combinations that will make your ring pop, but ultimately the best way of finding ‘the dress’ is through trial and error.

When trying on gowns at the bridal store, really take a moment to see how well the wedding dress complements your rock and gather a general idea of what style you’re looking for based on this.

After some tight corseting, a few opinionated comments from your bridesmaids and a little twirling in front of the mirror, you will find the ideal dress in no time.

Wedding Dresses Matching Your Wedding Venue

Selecting an ideal venue for a wedding is a crucial task and finding a gorgeous wedding gown is equally important. These two tasks should go hand in hand with each other.

A wedding dress should complement your wedding venue, guests and style. Selecting a gown that works with the wedding venue is beneficial especially if you want your special day to pan out perfectly. Luckily, nowadays, wedding dresses come in many different styles.

Finding the perfect bridal dress that meets all your requirements should not be too hard if you have your shopping schedule well planned. 

Some vital and basic principles which must be followed when searching for an ideal wedding dress include:

Start dress shopping only after a venue has been selected. Dress shopping must be done only after a venue has been chosen.

This is important because any dress picked must be functional and agreeable in the setting that has been chosen. Picking a dress first exposes people to the risk of incompatibility with the venue.

This is especially true when a new venue is chosen or when other details of the wedding are at any time changed. For instance, the mermaid style gown is totally impractical in the event that venue is changed to somewhere with stairs. 

Always shop well in advance. It is very important to shop early especially for wedding gowns and materials. Immediately after you decide the type of wedding you would like, draw up a list of venue choices. Then, focus on your dress.

It is advisable to start the shopping soon after the venue deposit has been paid. Narrowing down the choices and finding the correct boutiques or the perfect bridal store will be time consuming, so you should book appointments.

Even after choosing the dress, there will still be a lot to be done. Your dress will have to be altered and fitted and you will also need to purchase some vital accessories.

The entire process will probably take around six months to nine months. This is why early shopping is vital.

Finding a practical and reasonable wedding dress style that is in sync with the surrounding environment is the secret to a perfect outdoor dress. Flare skirts work quite well with fits.

You can also spice up the neckline from the conventional sweetheart to a bolder square and deep vee neck cuts. A veil will also look amazing, especially if it billows in the wind when you make your vows.