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6 Best Wedding Dresses Stores in New York City

The Wedding Dresser

The Wedding DresserThe Wedding Dresser has a concept that is completely different from most other locations. The on-site tailors are able to make quick changes to different gowns, in fact originally The Wedding Dresser would only focus on fast alterations for brides who needed some help. Since then The Wedding Dresser has been able to expand, they still offer the amazing on-site tailors, however, they are also able to sell you some of the most amazing wedding dresses, and an excellent price. The staff at The Wedding Dresser are very helpful, and set on the fact that you should look how you want, on your wedding day.

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The Cotton Bride

The Cotton BrideThe Cotton Bride is a professional establishment that focuses on wedding dresses. They have two main collections of clothing, one is their flagship collection which contains the latest dresses from designers. The other is their vintage collections, meaning that it doesn’t matter if you want contemporary or vintage, the Cotton Bride will be able to help you. If you planning on heading over to the Cotton Bride make sure you schedule an appointment, they do not accept walk-ins, this way they can focus more on you and your wants, instead of having to deal with many customers at once.

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The Sampler Room

The Sampler RoomThe Sampler Room is a store unlike any other. The Sampler Room carries overstock dresses, meaning that you can get some of the top of the line designer dresses up to 75% off. So if you’re looking for a deal on some incredible dresses this definitely should be your first stop. As far as buying a designer dress goes in NYC, the sampler room is where you will find the best price. Don’t let that fool you though, expect to receive the same amount of help that you would at any other wedding gown store, the staff here are always helpful.

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Birnbaum and Bullock

Birnbaum and BullockBirnbaum and Bullock is a store that supplies an experience unlike any other. You are assigned your own consultant who will figure out what your needs are, and you budget. They will then show you exactly what you are looking for. Birnbaum and Bullock are designers that are well known for their skills. If you want to check out some of the top dresses feel free to look at their flagship salon, which has some of the latest and greatest fashions.

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KelimaKelima is an independent designer who now has her own retail store. Buying a dress at Kelima is unlke buying a dress anywhere else, this is because Kelima herself will be giving you her one on one attention. Working with a fashion designer one on one like this doesn’t happen very often. If you’re looking for some one on one help with finding the perfect wedding dress for you, Kelima would definitely be the place to go. The best part is you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to work one on one with Kelima.

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The Bridal Garden

the Bridal GardenIf you’re the type of person that doesn’t like any pressure from sales people the Bridal Garden is for you. Their staff lets you freely roam through the store, and feel and try on the dresses. The other great thing about the Bridal Garden is that they offer their dresses at a discounted price. Which means that once you find that dress that you’ve been searching for, you won’t have to say no because of the price tag. This self-service Bridal Salon is perfect for somebody who doesn’t want a salesperson trying to pressure them.

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